Friday, 30 January 2015

Homework 30/1/15

Social Studues Presentation task:
-Synopsis summary
Finish the online tasks in google classroom and turn in. (Class code: e6soxz5)
Bring textbook and mac for next SS lesson.
Math: Geometry Proof Assignment 2A,B,C due T1W5 Mon 2/2/
Chemistry: TYS Topic 5, WB on Energy Changes, SPA Skill 3 write approach and 3 variables (more info refer to chemistry fb page)
Submit worksheets due like Practical Ws and energy changes activity ws
SPA Filing with Ngoei on Tuesday 3/2/2015
Normal Chinese: Do (p/w: 2015S4CL)
Higher Chinese(chen lao shi): 
Comprehension (reference from 课文,自读)

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