Friday, 6 February 2015

Homework 6/2/15:

Summary for the weekend:

Homework 4/2/15:
Math: example 14-18. Assignment A Q2,4,5,9 & Assignment B Q1,2,5 due w6 Monday

Normal Chinese: Compo 2

Chemistry: Practical

Admin: Hand in the assessment plan form and CCA points form

Geography: go to ur email read the subject titled: Geog Admin matters: This is NOT spam

Design Studies:
Transformation of form
3 models
Parti diagram of 3 models
Floorpan of selected model
2 Pt perspective of school
2 pt perspective of CDL gallery
Site analysis
Object of inspiration
Mind map of object of inspiration
SWOT analysis
Form + space -> site response

Social Studies Presentation task:
-Synopsis summary

Physics: Exit Quiz & WB:
Section A : ALL
Section B : Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5
Section C : Q1 and Q2
Deadline for submission : Mon (10 Feb), 2 pm

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